[Spanish_icannwiki] Spanish List Kickoff!

Jaifa Margarita Mezher Arango jmezher at mintic.gov.co
Thu Apr 6 20:01:10 UTC 2017

Dear Dustin,

I hope you are doing well. Please find hereby the communication piece we talked about on Skype, which is the one we made for ISOC’s campaign #25under25, but in spanish. So you can upload it in the Icannwiki website in spanish.

Also, here is the link for the news we published in the Ministry’s web page: http://www.mintic.gov.co/portal/604/w3-article-51274.html

Warm regards,
Jaifa Mezher Arango
Jefe de la Oficina Internacional
Tel. + (571) 344 34 60 Ext. 2206
Edificio Murillo Toro - Cra. 8a entre calles 12 y 13
Código postal: 111711 - Bogotá D.C. - Colombia
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Hola a todos,

It was great to finally meet so much of the MINTIC team in person! This list will help to improve our communications and enable us to engage more people with the project.

Like we discussed, before we move ahead to the next batch of articles, we should take time to take care of a few things that will make the site better.
1) translate the templates/plantillas
2) Working on improving the homepage
3) Creating ICANNWiki articles for all of you!

I will take the lead on improving the layout of the homepage and then will follow up to have any new homepage content translated. I will also identify the most frequently used templates on the English site and provide those for translation.

In terms of creating the personal articles, I will leave that to you all:)

I also, want to make sure that these messages are being delivered to everyone, so confirm receipt if you can.

All the Best,

Dustin Phillips  .  Co-Executive Director, ICANNWiki  .  M +13605801923  .  E  dustin at icannwiki.com<mailto:dustin at icannwiki.com>  .  W  icannwiki.org<http://icannwiki.org>

Declinación de responsabilidades
Para más información haga clic aquí<http://www.mintic.gov.co/info/declinacion_responsabilidad.htm>
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